Launch (Genesis Pools)

Based Finance has decided to use TOMB Finances’ idea of implementing Genesis pools to provide initial token allocations of BASED. We believe Genesis pools provide the best bot protection, and will also incentivize user added liquidity which is extremely beneficial for a new protocol.
Team will provide LP for BASED-TOMB. This LP will be locked and all TXS will be public. Furthermore, A large part of genesis distribution tokens are going to be burned forever. This will create scarcity, providing more incentive to participate. This liquidity will be moved to the BSHARE rewards pool later and locked! Meaning BSHARE will be burned slowly using the same mechanism!
BASED GENESIS POOLS will be as follows:
TOMB: 1810
ETH: 2025
FTM: 2040
USDC: 1025
BASED-Tomb: 20600
Total: 27500 $BASED
1000 BASED will be pre-minted and sent to our multi-sig treasury
There will be a .5% deposit fee in the Genesis pools that will be directly sent to our Multi-Sig Treasury and will bootstrap Treasury Funds for future buybacks and improvements to the protocol.